Burne-Jones ~ Tate Britain


 Burne-Jones Exhibition Stained Glass Amulets

 Spēs & Fidēs

The Goddess of Hope, The Goddess of Faith

Shape & Colors based on the Burne-Jones Windows at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford

Opal Spēs Blue Oxford Arch Stained Glass Amulet & Earrings

 Fidēs Blue Oxford Arch Stained Glass Amulet & Earrings


Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition Pictorial Amulets

 The Golden Stairs ~ Pictorial Shrine Amulets

Individual Pendants focused on the angelic faces Burne-Jones so lovingly painted.

opal grey colorway 
topaz colorway 


Each Amulet will arrive with an organza bag, information & custom tag.